Our Mission

Bergson Interiors uses our innovative residential design skills to create stunning living environments tailor-made to our clients' needs. Our passion for our clients' unique desires drives us to create residential interior design projects that fit perfectly into your budget and discerning tastes—smart polished, graceful, and relaxed. Comfort, function and value are essential components with practical details carefully observed and orchestrated.  

Bergson Interiors was founded in 1979 by Magdaline Benson. Magdaline is self-educated in business and design, specializing in high-end residential interior design, remodeling, and new construction. Michelle Walker joined Bergson Interiors in 1991 and has a B.S. in Interior Design.

The firm has successfully served clients in the Southeastern Wisconsin areas of Milwaukee, Madison, and the Lake Country area, as well as Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Illinois and California, providing families with reliable service and commitment to a fresh approach on each and every residential interior design project, with special care towards keeping the needs and values of each client in mind at all times.